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Millions of people visit California Amusement Parks each year. California Amusement Parks are one of the state’s largest sources of tourism. Vacationers come from all over the county and even from abroad to visit Southern California’s many popular theme parks, such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Disney’s California Adventure, and Lego Land.

Amusement Park Accidents have been on the rise over the last few years, as park owners seek to attract more visitors by offer newer, faster, taller, and scarier rides. The competition among California Amusement Parks to provide the ultimate thrill ride has led to the creation of faster and riskier roller-coasters and theme rides. As the speed and g-forces increase, so does the risk of serious injury to the riders. In California the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (“Cal-OSHA”), is one of the California regulatory agencies in charge of regulating and inspecting amusement park rides. While safety measures and regulations exist to minimize the risks to the park visitors, hundreds of amusement park injuries still occur every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, some of the causes of these injuries include: Operator Negligence, Inadequate Operator Training, Defective Design, Mechanical Failure, and Improper Maintenance.

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California Theme Park Ride Accidents present many challenges for prosecution of your California Amusement Park Ride Accident. Safety experts and investigators are needed to inspect the cause of the Amusement Park Injury Accident. While the park may conduct an internal investigation, it is important for an injured claimant to obtain their own independent investigation of the accident. It is vital to hire an experienced California Amusement Park Accident Lawyer to investigate and prosecute your roller-coaster accident claim as soon as possible to ensure that vital evidence and investigation are preserved.

Just a few years ago, the California Supreme Court chimed in on amusement park liability cases, and in Gomez v. Superior Court (Walt Disney Co.) (2005), they stated that a California Amusement Park could be held to the common carrier standard for accidents that occur their roller coasters and other amusement park rides. The decision upheld established California precedent and represents a small win for people injured as a result of a California Amusement Park Ride Accident.

While California’s large theme parks are a well-known source of accidents, many more accidents occur at county and local fairs and carnivals, many of which set up for a few days and are gone overnight. Traveling fairs and carnivals pose a special risk of accidents because the rides are repeatedly assembled and disassembled by carnival staff, many of whom do not have the proper training. The rides lack adequate safety inspections and some of the rides are old and built on outdated designs. Once the carnival or county fair has ended, the roller coaster rides may be removed and vital evidence can disappear with them.

Fairs and Carnivals also present another challenge for prosecution of the injury claim. Locating the roller-coaster manufacturers, the carnival owners and their insurance require special investigating skills. The experienced California Carnival Ride Accident Attorneys have a wealth of experience investigating and discovering insurance and assets in order to collect on your personal injury claim. Our experienced California Collections Attorneys know how to search for assets, corporate owners, ride operators and manufacturers in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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The California Amusement Park Liability Lawyers at the B&D Law Group, APLC have a wealth of experience prosecuting claims against California amusement parks.

California Roller-Coaster and Theme Park Ride Accidents can cause devastating injuries, including:

Our experienced California Amusement Park Accident Lawyers will work to ensure that you get the recovery you and your loved ones are entitled to. If you have been involved in a California Amusement Park Accident or lost a loved one in a Theme Park Accident in California please contact the skilled California Amusement Park Accident Lawyers at the B & D Law Group, APLC. Our experienced California Theme Park Accident Attorneys have a wealth of experience helping victims of California Amusement Park Accidents.

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