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Experienced California Retail Store Negligence Lawyers

Store owners have a duty to keep their premises free from hazards and unsafe conditions for visitors. Supermarkets have a duty to make sure that patrons and customers are protected. This means that they need to fix dangerous conditions in the store or provide adequate warnings of the danger. They must inspect the aisles and shelves constantly to be sure the areas are safe. Usually the store will have an employee travel up and down the aisles to clean any spill or item which may have fallen. Retail stores must also provide alarms and adequate security to protect visitors from attacks and other crimes and to make sure there is adequate staff onsite to assist customers with emergencies.

Supermarkets and retail stores present a unique risk to customers and visitors, because they are designed and intended to focus customer attention on sales and advertising. It is expected that customers are going to be paying more attention to their shopping and less attention to hazards and dangerous conditions on the property. As a result, of these distractions customers are at a higher risk of tripping and falling or running into obstacles and getting seriously injured. Not surprisingly, California Premises Liability Law takes these distractions into consideration we determining liability. Retail store owners also have a duty to protect distracted customers and to keep them safe.

Retail Market Owners that breach their duty to keep their store safe may be held responsible under California premises liability law. The most common type of retail store negligence cases involve trip-and-fall accidents, but business owners in California may be responsible for many other types of injury accidents, such as inadequate security, failure to warn, or hazardous objects. Our experienced California Retail Store Negligence Lawyers can help you determine whether the store may be liable for your injuries.

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The experienced California Retail Store Negligence Attorneys at the B & D Law Group, APLC are well versed in all types of California premises liability accidents, including:

Our experienced California Store Owner Liability Lawyers will work to ensure that you get the recovery you and your loved ones are entitled to for your California Shopping Accident claim. You do not have to go at it alone.

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As a result of the complexities of California Law relating to business owner liability, premises liability claims are more likely to be resolved through litigation than other types of accidents claims. The experienced California Litigation Attorneys at the B & D Law Group, APLC are no strangers to the courtroom, and have a track record of satisfied judgments to prove it. Our approach is to prepare every retail store accident case as a potential litigation matter. We are ready to fight to make sure you receive the maximum recovery you are entitled to.

Our Experienced California Retail Store Negligence Attorneys Know How To Get You The Maximum Recovery For Your California Premises Liability Claim

If you have been involved in a California Premises Liability Accident or lost a loved one in an accident resulting from a business owner’s negligence please contact the skilled California Retail Store Negligence Lawyers at the B & D Law Group, APLC. Our experienced California Property Owner Negligence Attorneys have a wealth of experience helping victims of California Supermarket Accidents.

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