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Experienced California Hit And Run Car Accident Lawyers

California has more hit-and-run car accidents than any other state. Almost 10 percent of the state’s fatal automobile accidents are a result of hit-n-run accidents. National government statistics show that about 11 percent of car accidents are of the hit-and-run variety. That means almost 700,000 hit-and-run automobile accidents happen in the United States every year.

According to the California Hit and Run Law, the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident is required to stop the vehicle, locate the owner of the damaged vehicle or property and exchange driver documentation, including: name, address, insurance and vehicle the owner’s information. The driver is also required to stop and render aid to anyone that was injured in the motor-vehicle accident, regardless of whose fault the car accident was.

It is extremely important to report your hit-and-run accident along with whatever information you can remember about the other vehicle, including the car’s license plate number to the proper law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. The police will then be able to investigate the hit-and-run accident and attempt to locate the fleeing driver.

Hire An Experienced California Hit-And-Run Automobile Accident Lawyer

Hit-and-Run accidents can have devastating effect on their victims. Unlike other automobile accidents, Hit-&-Run Collisions present unique challenges for prosecution of your claim. Often, the driver and vehicle can not be located. Other times, the reason the driver fled the scene to begin with, was that they were intoxicated or they did not have automobile insurance, leaving the victims unable to recover from the responsible parties.

Those that have California Uninsured Motorist Coverage are able to submit their claims to their own insurance company for recovery. It is important to remember that even through it is your own insurance company that provides this coverage, they are not on your side. The biggest mistakes we see at the B & D Law Group, APLC are from individuals that let their guard down because they falsely believe that their own insurance company will take good care of them. It is important to contact an experienced California Hit-and-Run Car Accident lawyer as early as possible to help you submit your claim for your Hit-and-Run Car Accident.

An Experienced California Hit-And-Run Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Get The Maximum Recovery For Your California Hit-&-Run Auto Accident Injuries

Insurance companies employee armies of investigators, experts, and other professionals to protect their “bottom line.” You need an advocate on your side that is a skilled negotiator, to ensure you get the maximum recovery for your California hit-and-run motor vehicle accident. An experienced California hit-and-run car accident lawyer at the B & D Law Group, APLC will fight to make sure you are adequately compensated for your hit-and-run accident injuries.

Our Experienced California Hit-And-Run Car Accident Lawyers Understand The Complexities Of A California Hit-And-Run Auto Accident Case

Hit and Run Car accidents require special knowledge of California’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance laws, laws relating to bad faith claims denial, and insurance bad faith litigation, since more than likely you will be going up against your own uninsured motorist insurance policy. The skilled California Hit-and-Run Car Accident Lawyers at the B & D Law Group, APLC are familiar with all aspects of California Hit-and-Run claims processing and know how to pursue the maximum recovery for your California hit-and-run automobile accident claim.

Our experienced California hit-and-run collision attorneys are well versed with the tactics used by insurance adjusters. Our experienced California hit and run accident attorneys have a wealth of experience litigating insurance bad faith actions, and know how to recognize bad faith denials. This lets us negotiate significant settlement for our clients.

Our Experienced California Hit-And-Run Car Accident Attorneys Know How To Get You The Maximum Recovery For Your California Hit-And-Run Automobile Accident Claim

We know that not all drivers carry California uninsured motorist coverage. From the start, we investigate and prepare each hit-and-run car accident case as a potential litigation matter. The law allows for many tools that let you recover from an uninsured motorist, including going after the vehicle’s driver and owners, their assets and wages. Our experienced California hit and run car accident attorneys have successfully seized bank accounts and assets, auctioned off merchandise through the sheriff, placed liens on real estate, and located hard to reach assets. We are ready to fight to make sure you receive the maximum recovery you are entitled to.

If you have been involved in a hit and run car accident or lost a loved one in a hit and run automobile collision please contact the skilled California Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyers at the B & D Law Group, APLC. Our experienced California Car Accident Attorneys have a wealth of experience helping victims of California hit and run automobile accidents.

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