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Judgment Enforcement Attorneys

Experienced Judgment Collection Attorneys

All too often, we see attorneys advertising spectacular judgments. Some of these judgments are in the millions, others are in the tens of millions. The reality is that 80% all of judgments awarded are never collected. They linger around and are left to expire.

So You Went To Court, A Judge Ruled In Your Favor And Awarded You A Judgment. Now What?

The Court may award you a judgment, but it is up to you to enforce it. The Court will not do it for you. This leaves you to figure out how to collect your judgment. You can try to call the debtor and ask for payment, but they will probably continue to refuse to pay just as they did before you sued them. This is where the Experienced Debt Collection Attorneys at the B & D Law Group, APLC can help.

A Judgment Is Only Worth Something If You Are Able To Collect

You may have hired a lawyer to help you get your judgment. Your attorney has done a good job so far in getting you a judgment, but has your lawyer been able to collect? It is not surprising that your judgment has gone uncollected. While many attorneys are skilled at litigation, many are not familiar with the rules applicable to judgment enforcement and a majority of lawyers are not familiar with the tools available to enforce judgments.

Our Experienced Judgment Enforcement Attorneys Can Help You Collect On Your Judgment

The Skilled Judgment Collection Lawyers at the B & D Law Group, APLC are here to help you collect on your judgment. You do not have to go at it alone. Our Debt Collection Attorneys have the ability to track down the debtor and legally seize their bank accounts or other assets, place liens on their personal and real property, foreclose, auction, garnish wages, and more.

A Judgment Makes A Pretty Headline, But Has Your Lawyer Been Able To Collect?

Our Judgment Enforcement Lawyers have a proven track record of collecting on debt. We have successfully executed judgments on debtors’ assets throughout the State of California, and beyond. We have seized bank accounts, seized inventory and assets, auctioned off merchandise through the sheriff, placed liens on real estate, and located hard to reach assets. Routinely, we have other attorneys calling our offices to collect on their judgments.

Do You Have An Outstanding Business Debt To Collect?

California law allows you to seek a Pre-Judgment Writ of Attachment as early as once you’ve filed your complaint. A Writ of Attachment works like a judgment and allows you to place a lien on the defendant’s property, seize assets, and freeze bank accounts, pending the outcome of your case. The Experienced Debt Collection Attorneys at the B & D Law Group, APLC have a wealth of experience handling Writs of Attachment.

Have You Obtained A Judgment On Your Car Accident Or Personal Injury Claim?

The law provides different tools and remedies for collecting on your Personal Injury Judgment. You can file a judgment lien on the debtor’s personal property and real estate, seize their bank accounts, garnish their wages, and auction off their assets. You may even be able to request that the Department of Motor Vehicles suspend the debtor’s driver’s license until they satisfy the car accident judgment. The Experienced Judgment Collection Attorneys at the B & D Law Group, APLC can help you get paid on your personal injury judgment.

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We are here to help. Our Experienced California Judgment Collection Lawyersunderstand that choosing an attorney to fight for your is not easy. We want to make sure that you know your rights and make the right choice. We never charge for a Free Consultation on your Personal Injury Claim.